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Like if there aren’t enough fashion bloggers already; I finally decided to write about things that interest me most: clothes, shoes, makeup, and accessories. After wasting a lot of my precious time drooling over the clothes fashion forward bloggers are buying and posting on their sites, I decided I would start typing about my latest shopping adventures. Heck I’m also worthy. Its time I announced MY opinions on the latest fashion trends and fashion dos or dont’s of the moment. I will soon embark on the journey of wasting tons of hard earned cash at forever21 and showing off my hauls on youtube. I will collaborate with my gorgeous sister and post outfits of the day, fashion finds, and one outfit worn 3 different ways, while providing my readers juicy details on what and where Ill spend my money. I dont intend on becoming the next fashion guru, well that would be nice but, this is more of an excuse to cram my closet with cheap new clothes and shoes.